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000 Greece Zen Cover001 Greece timeline history-1002 Greece timeline history-2003 Athens History & photo005 IMG_3649 Athens006 IMG_3650 Plaka shopping district007 IMG_3651 music in Athens008 IMG_3654 Plaka District009 IMG_3656 To Dinner010 IMG_3657 to dinner004 Dinner 5-14-18 Athens011 Acropolis Parthenon change of guards tues012 _DSF6596 b4 Acropolis 5-15013 _DSF6601 acropolis stadium 5 15014 _DSF6625015 _DSF6635016 IMG_5147017 _DSF6632 Athens Acropolis018 IMG_5156 Acropolis Athens019 IMG_5169 Acropolis Athens